Aquifer is a fun and sportive student sport association based in Wageningen. We have very diverse members ranging from experienced competition swimmers to beginners. To join us, you need to be a bit capable of swimming some different styles, like freestyle or breaststroke. Five times a year you can show what you learned during the competitions: the NSZKs. Afterwards very cool parties are hosted.
Next to this, Aquifer organizes very nice activities throughout the year like a boardcrawl, a Sinterkerst and New activity, an Aquifer weekend and lots of other things. You also have the opportunity to join commissions like the activities commission and the weekendcie.
If you are interested in joining Aquifer, come by for an introduction training!

Do you want to know what our members like the most about S. Z. V. Aquifer? Watch the movie below!

Introduction training

Do you like to go swimming on a regular base? Do you like making new friends? And are you interested in becoming a member of Aquifer? Then we would like to invite you for an introduction training! Join our sweet association and enjoy swim trainings and the other fun stuff we do. People of all levels swim with us, so whether you are a competitive swimmer or a beginner, everybody is welcome!

After the AID, at the start of next college year, there are introduction trainings, in swiming pool the Bongerd. You can subscribe for these trainings by sending us an e-mail. We friendly ask you to be at the reception 15 minutes on forehand. Just bring your swim clothes (and goggles and a swimming cap if possible), and we will meet you there! If you want an introduction training at another time, you can also send us an e-mail. We will send you a couple of dates on which you can come for an introduction training.

For more information about the membership see Membership in the menu.