Enthusiastic about Aquifer? You can become a member during the whole year! Here you can find the registration form, which you can fill in and give to one of the board members. A one year membership costs €50,-. However, if you become a member after period 3 of the academic year you get a discount and pay only €35 for the remainder of the season. Every following year of your membership you pay the normal price. For your registration we ask you €7,50 once for the administration costs.

Before you become a member we are happy to welcome you for an introduction training. Therefore you can send an email to

For your membership it is obligated to have annual Sportrights. If you are only for half a year in Wageningen, there is an option for an internship sports card. You can get more information about Sportrights and the internship sports card at the reception of Sports Centre De Bongerd or via the following link:

At Aquifer there are members of al levels! However, if you want to join our association you already need to be able to swim and have at least a swimming certificate. This is because our trainings are focussed on improving your technique and endurance. If you want to learn how to swim, you can for example join the swimming lessons of SWU Thymos:

Registration form

Registration Form year

Registration form after period 3

Registration Form after period 3