The ZAAC is the activities committee of Aquifer and organizes activities such as the pubquiz, karaokenight, cocktailnight, boardcrawl, Aquiferdiners and the “afzwemmen”. The ZAAC has a meeting about once a month.

The NSZKcie
There are five swimming competitions each year, each competition is in another city, organised by the different student swimming associations around the Netherlands. When the competition takes place in Wageningen, the NSZKcie organises the competition, the predrink and the party.

Every year, as some of you might know, the Batavierenrace is held. This is a student relay of over 175 kilometers in 25 stages from Nijmegen to Enschede. Every year we have a team for the Batavierenrace together with the student swimming association of Leiden, Aquamania.

Every academic year we have an Aquifer weekend. For this weekend things like a location, activities, groceries and stuff like that need to be arranged by the weekendcie.

In 2023 is the fourth lustrum of Aquifer. Because of this all kinds of activities will be organized during this year by the lustrumcie.

The website of Aquifer needs to be up to date. Articles have to be written for and be placed on the website, this is what the webcie does. Even if you do not have that much knowledge of computers, you are welcome in this committee.

If you want more information about our committees, you can contact us via