New board wanted!

Do you want to be in the next board? Or be active in one of our commissions? At Aquifer there are plenty of possibilities! On the 7th of June we are hosting an interest drink. During this evening you can ask us everything without any obligation. Still unsure if you want to be in the next board? Drop by and let us tell you more about it. We are looking for the following positions, but we can always discuss the possibilities: 

As Chair, you preside the board meetings and the General Member Assembly. You keep the overview and besides that you can do all sorts of projects. For instance, you can arrange clothing for the association or you can organize a constitution drink.

As secretary you are responsible for the membership file so you take care of registering new members. You answer the mails and take minutes at board meetings. In addition, you collect and write articles for the monthly newspaper. 

Swimming commissioner
As swimming commissioner you are responsible for the competitions. You make sure everyone is subscribed and that the day itself goes well. After the competition you have meeting with all the other swimmingcommissioners from all the other associations. Another important part of being the swimmingcommissioners is keeping track of the intergrationbingo!

Activities commissioner 
The activities commissioner is responsible for all the activities within Aquifer. But you don’t have to do this all by yourself. As activities commissioner you are also the chair of the ZAAC (Activity committee). Together with them you will plan and organize the activities. 

Do you want to an active member of Aquifer but not interested in a board position? Join the ZAAC, the activities committee of Aquifer. This committee is responsible for planning and organizing all the non-swimming activities within the association. An exciting experience that will teach you life lessons.