NSZK III Rotterdam – 22 April 2017

On the 22nd of April the third NSZK of the season took place in Rotterdam. A group of Aquifers travelled to the pool in Dordrecht to swim as fast as they possibly could. This was done in all sorts of manners; freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and even a crocodile was involved. After swimming so fast it was time for a well-deserved party, and we had enough reason to celebrate because Aquifer managed to maintain its 9th place in the overall ranking! After we all released our inner beasts and danced the night away it was time to return to our sleeping locations (which took some a bit longer than others) and get some sleep. All in all it was a very nice weekend, and in a few weeks it already time for the last NSZK of the season where we will defend our 9th place in the overall ranking and our 1st (!!!) place in the Integrationbingo-ranking.