22:37, Nijmegen: “JOHAN STARTED! Encourage him telepathically!”. That was the message the night shift sent. In the meantime, morning and afternoon Aquamaniacs, raised their beer glasses and with a loud “Cheers”, continued partying in Twente Campus. Around 2am, the unlucky runners from morning shift called it a night and went to sleep. However, the party didn´t stop for the most of Afternoon shift. The next day, uniforms from students’ associations and team sports from all over the Netherlands could be seen. Some hungover, some tired, some freezing, but you could feel everyone was happy and excited to be there. And as if running wasn´t enough, biking is also a part of the race, but with a good partner always encouraging you to go faster and cheering you up all the way, the thought of running for your team, and of course the idea of a huge party after the race somehow gives you energy to finish. Congratulations Aquamaniacs for proving that swimmers can also run!