Movie night

On Wednesday 26th of September, Aquifer members dressed up in pink to attended the first cult film viewing event titled MEAN GIRLS. Both new and old members cuddled up to enjoy a coming of age story about a South African girl learning to deal with the pressures of high school in America. Throughout the viewing of the film the Aquifers laughed, giggled and screamed along with teenage hijinks of Lindsay Lohan’s, Amanda Seyfried’s and Rachel McAdams’ characters. The movie itself is known as a great feminist cult classic which highlights the issues and perils that can arise when navigating through puberty as a woman. However, light drinking accompanied with some munching on delectable snacks provided a ‘gezellig’ atmosphere that can only be truly achieved by the company of the amazing folk of Aquifer . All in all, this was a great bonding opportunity for the young and the old.