It was a really great evening, celebrating ‘Sinterklaas’, Christmas and New Year all at once. That evening the Aquifers saw how difficult it was to unwarp presences that were warped in duct-tape and boxes, with your hands in oven mittens. It was really funny!

SintChristmas and New Year

The 26th of January, no one was cooking, no one was cleaning and no one was doing dishes: for this super-deluxe aquiferdinner everybody was invited at restaurant Asia Plaza. As expected from students in a all you can eat buffet, the staff ran to and fro and everybody rolled back […]


The 12th of January the board had their constitution drink, and we want to thank everyone who was there! It was a great succes; there were many Aquifer members and other boards, there was music, there were drinks and food and we were a little (?) tipsy. The other boards, […]

Constitution drink

In January the Aquifers have had the pleasure of receiving personal training lessons from someone from the Bongerd during our regular dry trainings. These lessons focused on coordination, technique, and efficiency in movement. In an unprecedented moment in Aquifer history the subscription for these lessons was full in less than two […]

Strength training

Last Thursday the 2nd of Novembers Aquifer went to pool cafe infinity here in wageningen.  Because the training was cancelled  this was an excellent time to try out a different  “pool” for once. Here the Aquifers played some casual games against each other and later once when everyone was getting better at it, […]


It was a battle of titans last November 15th at the Aquifer Pubquiz, and one team emerged from the ashes to claim the victory! Thrilling rounds about music, spelling, riddles and many more, but PC Diversity managed to stay cool and managed to win. It was an exciting evening, and the […]


Wednesday the 27th of November, after the training it was time for the game night! A nice evening to catch up with for the Aquifers while having a drink and playing awesome games. We started with ‘Who am I?’ For some people it wasn’t that hard because they were the […]

Game night

On the 19th of May, our first official CoBo took finally place! Even our sister associations, Leonie her family and Iris her brother came all the way to us to celebrate this together. Everybody had such a great time! There were so many nice and sweet people that came to […]

Constitution drink

Wednesday the 17th of May was the day! Koen Manusama gave us a bootcamp lesson in order to get that terrific summer body (also to maintain our first place in the Bingo competition) and to be fit to defend our 9th position in the NSZK ranking. At the end of […]