Some Aquifers dared to compete in the game championship. In the first round, Halli Galli was played fanatical, the second round existed of the game ‘cards against humanity – superfight’. In this game, there were several winners including someone who could win a race with giraffes by using a gladiator […]

Games night

Aquifer organized its sweetest activity of the year, the dessert evening. Members brought their own made dessert to one place en when we were done admiring them we started eating!

Desert night

This was an activity with a lot of fun! The Aquifers played multiple games. At first, they began with practicing with targets and eventually moving targets (themselves). They played archery tag with 2 team who had to shoot down all the people of the other team.

Archery tag

This NSZK was a very special one as it broke several records. It was the competition with the most participants ever (476). It was a competition that had an Aquifer swimmer win a distance! Also, we ended up second to last this time! Woooh!

NSZK II – Amsterdam

On the 21st of October the first NSZK of the year took place, this time close by in Utrecht. The theme was ‘Around the world o.d.z. Integreren kan je leren’ en Aquifer has done its best to apply it. Dressed to the nines in our culturally stereotyped outfits Aquifer partied […]

NSZK I – Utrecht

It was a really great evening, celebrating ‘Sinterklaas’, Christmas and New Year all at once. That evening the Aquifers saw how difficult it was to unwarp presences that were warped in duct-tape and boxes, with your hands in oven mittens. It was really funny!

SintChristmas and New Year

The 26th of January, no one was cooking, no one was cleaning and no one was doing dishes: for this super-deluxe aquiferdinner everybody was invited at restaurant Asia Plaza. As expected from students in a all you can eat buffet, the staff ran to and fro and everybody rolled back […]